Bishop Eddie Long, the Black Church and Pedophilia

News that Bishop Eddie Long died yesterday inspired one of the most bitterly divided timelines that I have seen from many of my Black Facebook friends. Some, the majority from the anecdotal evidence I observed, invoked the “only God can judge” mantra and preached forgiveness of his sins. Others, the minority but a very passionate […]

terry parks

Who’s the Man?

Well, it’s back to school time! Children are excited when back to school commercials air on television. New clothes, new binders, pencils, pens, rulers and friends they may have not seen for two months. Parents are excited also. The kids get out of the house. Woohoo! Now after a few days, the euphoria wears off and […]

School is Almost Out, Summer is Near

It’s almost time for the little dahlings to come home from school for the summer. I can remember what that felt like when my son was growing up. As long as I was working at home, it was not a problem. I could plan late nights, lazy mornings, trips to the library, fun in the kitchen and […]

Black Men, Let’s Talk About Rape

This week, my undergraduate alma mater, Morehouse College, made news not for its prestigious history of producing leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., filmmaker Spike Lee or current Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, or for adding to its lead among HBCU’s in producing Rhodes Scholars. No, the news featured yet another allegation of […]

Phyt for Your Life With Lycopene

After my diagnosis 20 years ago, I found out about a study at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that documented the value of plant foods on cancer. I was thrilled to find out about lycopene, especially since the sources of it were some of my favorite foods. And, when you choose to eat foods like […]

Why Grand Juries Fail to Indict in African American Cases

Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and Mike Brown are but a few high profile cases in which grand juries have declined to indict officers responsible for killing unarmed Black citizens. One question that I have received from non-lawyers is “why” grand juries are typically reticent to indict? The simple answer remains the very nature […]

Healthy Holidays: Collard Greens and Cornbread

As promised, here are some more traditional holiday recipes cooked only with health promoting, disease preventing ingredients. Collards, cabbage and kale provide compounds that help support the detoxification of toxic substances from the body. Onion and green onions are an anti-inflammatory, helps increase bone-density, sulfur helps our connective tissue, anti-clotting capacity, lowers blood triglycerides and cholesterol […]