The 45th President of the United States Has Spoken

For my brothers and sisters who boycotted Donald Trump’s Inauguration, my instant analysis: Donald J. Trump, now the 45th President of the United States, shunned grandiloquence or complex sentences for simple (very) and compound sentences that heralded a populist tone. Trump twice referenced struggling families in the inner cities, rusted out factories in the Midwest […]

Bishop Eddie Long, the Black Church and Pedophilia

News that Bishop Eddie Long died yesterday inspired one of the most bitterly divided timelines that I have seen from many of my Black Facebook friends. Some, the majority from the anecdotal evidence I observed, invoked the “only God can judge” mantra and preached forgiveness of his sins. Others, the minority but a very passionate […]

President-Elect Donald Trump May Be the Greatest Pimp Since Goldie

I got up early to do some pleasure reading and it occurred to me that since Donald Trump won last month, many of his pundit surrogates have suggested that what Clinton supporters and Trump opponents (not necessarily the same) missed while focusing on Trump’s “deplorable” rhetoric about race, religion and gender, that most who supported […]

Justice Clarence Thomas: A Bad Joke or Frightening Nightmare

I have written many articles and blogs through the years about United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and those familiar with my work already know my disdain for him both as a jurist and a Black man. The fact that he wrote for the majority in yesterday’s Utah v. Strieff decision, that will allow […]

Wrong Question v. Right Comment

Parents of young men, how we discuss current events like Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton can go a long way in preventing rape. For example: Wrong question: “Why did that girl go to his house/apartment that late at night?” Right comment: “No matter what time she went over, he had no right to assume that […]

Black Men, Let’s Talk About Rape

This week, my undergraduate alma mater, Morehouse College, made news not for its prestigious history of producing leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., filmmaker Spike Lee or current Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, or for adding to its lead among HBCU’s in producing Rhodes Scholars. No, the news featured yet another allegation of […]