Chuck Hobbs’ Observations on the Fourth GOP Debate

Observations from tonight’s republican debate: This latest debate was far more civil than prior ones. The questions from the moderators were more substantive, as were the answers from the candidates. With the debate’s early emphasis on the economy, the notion from the candidates that economic growth has been abysmal under the Obama administration seemed somewhat […]

Republican Front-Runner Ben Carson Falls Short on Specifics in Latest Debate

Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado was the first in which Dr. Ben Carson took the stage as the perceived front-runner over real estate mogul Donald Trump. According to a CBS News/NY Times poll released earlier this week, Carson now leads Trump 26 percent to 22 percent among likely Republican voters. With the debate’s central […]

Why Democratic and Republican Presidential Aspirants Fail to Address Police Brutality Against Black People

Why is it so hard for the majority of the current presidential candidates to say “Black Lives Matter?” While it is early in the 2016 race to replace President Barack Obama, during the two Republican debates to date and the one Democratic debate earlier this week, the issue of police brutality leading to the wrongful […]