Armed for the Battle

Let’s face it, sending your children  into group learning settings – daycare, preschool, elementary school and high school – can expose them to LOTS of communicable germs. It can feel like they’re in the middle of a battle! If you want your children to make it through the upcoming academic year as winners, here are […]

Phytochemicals for Life, Eat Cruciferous!

Much is said about how poorly people of color eat, especially African-Americans. I disagree. Surely, we could make better choices. However, a lot of our “cultural foods” are POWERHOUSES of phytochemical benefits for our health. One of the best things I EVER found out was the benefits of cabbage, broccoli, and greens. Yum! Apparently, chewing […]

Phyt For Your Life With Garlic

I know, I know. Garlic and onions aren’t really the best thing to eat before social interactions, but they pack a punch for health improvement. My journey to health after my diagnosis led me to include more garlic and onions for their medicinal value as well as in my recipes for their added taste. As […]

Phyt for Your Life With Lycopene

After my diagnosis 20 years ago, I found out about a study at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that documented the value of plant foods on cancer. I was thrilled to find out about lycopene, especially since the sources of it were some of my favorite foods. And, when you choose to eat foods like […]

Beat the Cold With a Bowl of “Super” Soup

So, we were snowed in this past weekend. The snow only lasted about 24 hours, though. That’s what happens in the South. Since I knew we wouldn’t be going out, I rushed home Friday to make some soup. I had a taste for something with curry and ginger. And, I am having a love affair […]

Oil Pulling Therapy for Detoxifying and Healing

This is my last blog post for the series Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Dr. Jada. It’s the holiday season, and there are sweet treats and goodies in every direction you turn. Haven’t you heard them calling your name loud and clear? Of course you have! This time of year people consume more confectioneries than […]

Housecall with Dr. Mac: Acupuncture and Fertility

Dr. Mac talks with traditional chinese medicine practitioner Yu She as she helps us understand how TCM and acupuncture can help conception. (housecall-with-dr-mac): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS