Manopause: What Every Man (and Woman) Should Know

A few weeks ago, when the content editor announced that the theme for June would be dedicated to topics only covering men’s health and social topics that intersect with men’s health, I responded within minutes with my blog topic. I knew this was a great time to address something that gets so little attention in […]

Waterology: What’s the Deal With Bottled Water?

Have you ever wondered how or why we have so many water options these days?  I mean, water, like drinking water.  I recently took a glance around my house and found on any given day at least 5 different types of water.  There’s purified drinking water, distilled water, filtered water and tap water.  Oh, and […]

Dr. Google is Not an Expert Opinion

OMG!!! How many times a week must I contend with Dr. Google? No, folks, I am not referring to the well-described Google Docs known as an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time. I’m calling out the other Google Docs. In this case, […]


When Exercising is a Pain in the @$!# (Knee)

Hats off to those who are a full month into the new year and have managed to stick to the resolution to exercise more.  Often the zealous goals to become active and fit are met with an array of saboteurs.  Lack of time, competing responsibilities and zapped energy can present challenges that we constantly have […]

Ready Set Diet: Three Reasons Most Diets Fail

It’s the first month of the New Year.  We all know that means it’s time to set resolutions, new goals and start a brand new life.  Right?  As you may have guessed, “lose weight”, hails at the top of the resolution chart year after year.  What you may not know is that some statistics have shown […]

Oil Pulling Therapy for Detoxifying and Healing

This is my last blog post for the series Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Dr. Jada. It’s the holiday season, and there are sweet treats and goodies in every direction you turn. Haven’t you heard them calling your name loud and clear? Of course you have! This time of year people consume more confectioneries than […]

Polarity Therapy: Energy for the Body

I’m really excited to bring to you part three of the series Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Dr. Jada. I hope you have experimented with calming meditation or perhaps, enjoyed mood-boosting aromatherapy. Today, we consider another way to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Have you ever felt run down, out of sorts, super […]