On Overfunctioning, Margins and the Functioning Perfectionist

I despise navel gazing. I hate talking about myself, so typing out this blog post has me alternately breaking out in hives, sweating with dread, and cringing in horror. I hate showing my hand, revealing my feelings, and showing my own humanity, so bear with me as I get through this. With the new year […]

Rein in Resentment to Mitigate Holiday Frustration

My husband and I both work in an academic setting so we both do not report to work until after the New Year. Let me assure you: he takes his breaks. Whether it is winter recess, Columbus Day, or a regular old Saturday, when my husband is not at work he is truly not at […]

Doing It All and Failing at Some It

“We are all failing at something.” I happened to drop this in the middle of a conversation with my co-author Markesha and Langley Harper’s owner, Kamela. It was a bright summer day in Atlanta, and we had all converged in a French coffee and bake shop close to Georgia Tech to talk and catch-up. As […]

Why Is Self Care So Hard?

We are beautifully and wonderfully made. It is easy to get lost in thought when you really think about how marvelous the human body can be. Permanent marker is not permanent on your skin. No matter how absentminded you are you won’t forget to breathe. Dimples are adorable but technically a deformity. Our bodies are […]

Are Women Mentored to Death?

One of the books on our summer reading list was Carla Harris’ Strategize to Win. After months of reading workplace help and self-help books from Ariana Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, and a myriad of other white female corporate leaders’ take on work-life fit, it was refreshing to read (or at least place on our reading list) a […]