Why Are You Calling Her the ‘B’ Word?

The second letter of the alphabet ‘B’ is usually the connotative term that is attached to women all the time. While I know that we might want to insert- bad, brilliant, bodacious and other adjectives that can easily describe a take charge woman, society sometimes invokes its own word.  Bitch.  Yep.  Put soap in my […]

Boy Bands and Brotherhood

StreetCred. That rite of passage every young man seeks.  Some find it in membership in fraternities (All the NUPES say YO!). Others find it in sports, gangs and other affiliations. However, let’s think back to the 80’s and 90’s when the Boy Bands were significant for many young men.  You remember them- New Kids On The […]

Wholes in New School Clothes

It is the first day of school after a long summer. Well, in some cases, not long enough. As a parent and a mentor, I am excited. I watched my own two teenage boys prepare for the first day of school in anticipation. In my house, as well as on campus, I see fresh haircuts… […]

Mental Health “This’Orders”

It’s still June. It’s still Men’s Health Month. So, we are going to focus on mental health disorders . Since men are from Mars- and our country has “allegedly” been there- what we will do is take a space-aged tour through our galaxy to deal with the Black Hole. Or why so many men, especially […]

The Talk: A Q&A Regarding T&A

June is deemed as Men’s Health Month.  What better way to start summer than to talk to your male child, not about diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lupus or any other looming health issue, but to have the audacious privilege of speaking with him about Erectile Function. Yes, I didn’t miss the ‘dis,’ cause […]

Wait on the Weight

Dear God: Please let me lose 15 pounds by next week. I have a family reunion, class reunion, homecoming, and the Classic. Oh, in Jesus name. Amen. Does this sound like you? Even though you have gained weight over a period of years, you do not have the convenience of waiting to exhale as far […]

Parenting Vicariously- Are You Guilty?

We live in a fast-paced society.  What happens today will be passé’ tomorrow.  As we get older and look back at our youth, we want the best for our children.  We want the best academically, athletically, financially, and spiritually and all the “allys” that come with life.  But, in doing so, are some parents living […]