Cookin’ Up Good Health For Lent

So, since my last blog post, the season of Lent has begun. The irony….  Don’t know where you are in that process, but the 40 Days of Lent certainly provide you with a reasonable/measurable/attainable amount of time to commit, in a spiritual context, to making some changes and staying free! A lot of folk decide […]

Oil Pulling Therapy for Detoxifying and Healing

This is my last blog post for the series Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Dr. Jada. It’s the holiday season, and there are sweet treats and goodies in every direction you turn. Haven’t you heard them calling your name loud and clear? Of course you have! This time of year people consume more confectioneries than […]

How to Practice Mindfulness During the Holidays

What do the holidays mean to you? Do you take time during this season to practice mindfulness? As a child, my answers to these questions were simple. It meant two weeks (or more) of vacation, in which I was free to read, play, and rest at leisure. As far as mindfulness, I didn’t know what […]

Into the Unknown

Our son moved into his first place recently. We are sooooo happy for him. We were at the closing to celebrate with him, and my husband helped him move as much as the truck would hold so he could spend his first night in his new place. I was NOT prepared for the wide range […]

Rein in Resentment to Mitigate Holiday Frustration

My husband and I both work in an academic setting so we both do not report to work until after the New Year. Let me assure you: he takes his breaks. Whether it is winter recess, Columbus Day, or a regular old Saturday, when my husband is not at work he is truly not at […]

A Formula for the Perfect Holiday

The holiday season is here. Everywhere I turn, there are friendly reminders that Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas decorations are on display from the mall to the service station. My mailbox is filled with advertisements promising the lowest prices. There are countless promotional emails in my inbox. Retailers have extended their hours of […]

Healthy Holidays: Christmas Brunch

As we were raising our son, Christmas morning started off early with the traditional gift opening.  Depending on his age, the playing with toys lasted for hours. Since Thanksgiving was a really full day with family, on Christmas we lounged all day and nibbled on brunch food at our leisure. Sometimes my dad would come […]