Manopause: What Every Man (and Woman) Should Know

A few weeks ago, when the content editor announced that the theme for June would be dedicated to topics only covering men’s health and social topics that intersect with men’s health, I responded within minutes with my blog topic. I knew this was a great time to address something that gets so little attention in […]

Getting That Mojo Back

It never ceases to amaze me as I teach health education to the masses, women quickly connect to the value of healthy choices and positive outcomes. When speaking to men, however, they generally dismiss it. BUT when the topic of erectile dysfunction comes up, the light goes on in their eyes. They sit on the edge of their […]

Take the Pressure Off

I had the privilege of meeting Elijah Saunders, M.D., when I did some work for the Association of Black Cardiologists. I will never forget that meeting. I learned about him when I was a student and had heard of his work in hypertension. Since May is National Stroke Awareness and High Blood Pressure month, I […]

Waterology: What’s the Deal With Bottled Water?

Have you ever wondered how or why we have so many water options these days?  I mean, water, like drinking water.  I recently took a glance around my house and found on any given day at least 5 different types of water.  There’s purified drinking water, distilled water, filtered water and tap water.  Oh, and […]

National Minority Health Awareness Month: It’s Time To Be About It

As a young woman navigating my way through college, I hung out with some folks who today are practicing as expert medical and health professionals. As I observed them, it was pretty clear that I too wanted to help people improve their health  and address health disparity, but not as a clinician.   Professors like Ruth […]

Diabetes Sucks! We’re Gonna Miss You Doug Banks

News of the death of syndicated radio jock and broadcast legend Doug Banks was all over my social media threads today. I didn’t know him, but all I am reading is about how awesome a man he was. He died of complications of diabetes. In one account I read where he’d had a toe amputated, […]

Dr. Mac

HouseCall with Dr. Mac: Break the Nicotine Addiction

“I just wanted to be cool.” That’s what he said. Even if you want to quit smoking, you may find it difficult because you’re addicted to the effects of nicotine. Nicotine alters the balance of two chemicals, dopamine and noradrenaline, in your brain. The changes happen very quickly. When you inhale the nicotine, it immediately rushes […]