Why He Can’t Tell You How He Feels

Valentine’s Day is near! In the next few days, women all over the world will be inundated with gifts of love and affirmation. Flowers, cards, poems and songs are sure to melt hearts, bring smiles, and tears of joy. Oh, the emotions! Over the years, men have expressed their feelings/emotions to women through many different […]

terry parks

Who’s the Man?

Well, it’s back to school time! Children are excited when back to school commercials air on television. New clothes, new binders, pencils, pens, rulers and friends they may have not seen for two months. Parents are excited also. The kids get out of the house. Woohoo! Now after a few days, the euphoria wears off and […]

Legal Cynicism and Race: Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Legal cynicism is a sociocultural or sociopolitical lens through which members of a community observe, perceive, and interpret their engagement with the legal system or, in this case, enforcement agents of the law. Regrettably, it appears that, too frequently, instead of stabilizing the issue, law enforcement adversely escalates the matter. Legal cynicism erodes the legitimacy […]

Frank Franklin II, PhD, JD

A Tale of Two Narratives: Gender Identity, Mental Health, and the Black Male

Regardless of health behaviors, the inequitable burden of mental health disorders and undiagnosed need borne by the black male is also a consequence of racial discrimination and race-related stressors. The narrative of the African American male can be characterized as a perpetual inquiry of identity permissibility. The narrative exemplifies a lived experience of boundaries and freedoms […]

Get That Mojo Back: Something for the Family Reunion

We’ve been sharing tips for improving your health during Men’s Health Month. As we approach July, I’m certain that many will be headed to family reunions and other outdoor activities. I’m including a couple more recipes for you to take to the reunion. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start a conversation with men about […]

Mental Health “This’Orders”

It’s still June. It’s still Men’s Health Month. So, we are going to focus on mental health disorders . Since men are from Mars- and our country has “allegedly” been there- what we will do is take a space-aged tour through our galaxy to deal with the Black Hole. Or why so many men, especially […]

Cookin’ Up Good Health: For That Mojo

When I told you about foods you could eat to help get your mojo back a few weeks ago, I mentioned tomatoes, beets and strawberries as excellent choices. I did not want to leave you hanging. Here are some great ways to prepare some of those foods. The salsa would be great for a family […]