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If you’re not allergic to nuts, this recipe will have you shouting. I planned to write something else for this week’s blog. However, last week the cooking class at our clinic made this dish and well, I had to share it with you. Cashews have become one of my favorite nuts. They’re actually the kidney […]

Armed for the Battle

Let’s face it, sending your children  into group learning settings – daycare, preschool, elementary school and high school – can expose them to LOTS of communicable germs. It can feel like they’re in the middle of a battle! If you want your children to make it through the upcoming academic year as winners, here are […]

Wholes in New School Clothes

It is the first day of school after a long summer. Well, in some cases, not long enough. As a parent and a mentor, I am excited. I watched my own two teenage boys prepare for the first day of school in anticipation. In my house, as well as on campus, I see fresh haircuts… […]

terry parks

Who’s the Man?

Well, it’s back to school time! Children are excited when back to school commercials air on television. New clothes, new binders, pencils, pens, rulers and friends they may have not seen for two months. Parents are excited also. The kids get out of the house. Woohoo! Now after a few days, the euphoria wears off and […]

Breastfeeding: Best First Step for Immunity

It seems like yesterday, but 28 years ago I was laying on my sofa as part of my physician-ordered bed rest for a problem pregnancy. Mothers-to-be already have enough questions in their minds about a first pregnancy and birth. So, if you are on bed rest, the mind has even more time to think and […]

Savoring Summer

School starts this week where I live. I cannot believe that summer break is over. Here are a few more recipes that feature peaches. I really wish I could show you the pictures of the peaches we grew. But, those darn squirrels. ate. every. single. one. of. them. Does anybody have any ideas on how to […]

Get Your Vitamin K: Callaloo and Okra

I don’t know how much okra Big Momma got from her garden this summer. But I tell you what, if you can get some it will be worth your time. A native of Africa, okra is quite popular in African, Caribbean and African-American cuisine. Also known as lady fingers, okra provides calcium; high in the […]

Fresh From the Garden

I shared these recipes with my cooking class a few weeks ago.  The casserole was a hit.  A couple of years ago, we could not keep up with all the squash in our garden. There was plenty and they were so big.  Here’s some of what I did with it. Not so much this year. […]

Langley Harper is an Atlanta-based, independent boutique public relations agency. We provide our clients with counsel and program development across the spectrum of public relations, digital strategy, and other communications services. Our agency has capabilities in healthcare communications, digital, content marketing, and houses a growing speakers bureau featuring distinguished health care professionals, industry experts and community stakeholders.

Clients come to us needing innovative communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights. Langley Harper knows how to capture strategic ideas and issues for clients to create comprehensive public relations plans that deliver tangible results.

Are you an expert speaker?

Expert speakers are industry insiders who are knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including health care, marketplace and lifestyle trends. Many expert speakers have "day jobs” and work within the industry. They are not always easy to locate and do not make public speaking their ultimate priority.

Keep in mind that expert speakers are not the same as professional speakers. Professional speakers invest a lot of time and money marketing their personal brand and tend to build a career entirely around their public speaking talents. They are easy to locate for any given speaking engagement. It takes research and diligence to uncover expert speakers who can communicate clearly and who can accommodate a specific schedule for meeting planners.

The benefits of using expert speakers in addition to professional speakers, however, are numerous. Expert speakers possess a vast industry knowledge base that can be applied directly to fit a meeting's agenda, they know the industry "language" and can communicate meaningfully to executives, stakeholders and the other audiences.
If you are an expert speaker, Langley Harper may be the place for you.