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Latest Client Insights & Blogs

Men in Fear of Mortality and the Women Who Care for Them

This year we have lost a number of celebrities, Phife Dawg, 45; David Bowie, 69; Maurice White, 74; Prince, 57; Kimbo Slice, 42; and Muhammad Ali, 78. The life expectancy in the United States is 78.7 years and only one person listed barely reached the national average. Actually, men bring down the curve when it […]

The Talk: A Q&A Regarding T&A

June is deemed as Men’s Health Month.  What better way to start summer than to talk to your male child, not about diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lupus or any other looming health issue, but to have the audacious privilege of speaking with him about Erectile Function. Yes, I didn’t miss the ‘dis,’ cause […]

What Makes a Good Partnership?

If you were looking to go into business or form a long lasting relationship with someone, what is the most important criteria? When I ask that question to my male clients, I receive the following answers: loyalty, independence, educated, employed, has her own house, financially stable, able to cook, knows how to clean, love kids, […]

Getting That Mojo Back

It never ceases to amaze me as I teach health education to the masses, women quickly connect to the value of healthy choices and positive outcomes. When speaking to men, however, they generally dismiss it. BUT when the topic of erectile dysfunction comes up, the light goes on in their eyes. They sit on the edge of their […]

Wait on the Weight

Dear God: Please let me lose 15 pounds by next week. I have a family reunion, class reunion, homecoming, and the Classic. Oh, in Jesus name. Amen. Does this sound like you? Even though you have gained weight over a period of years, you do not have the convenience of waiting to exhale as far […]

Wrong Question v. Right Comment

Parents of young men, how we discuss current events like Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton can go a long way in preventing rape. For example: Wrong question: “Why did that girl go to his house/apartment that late at night?” Right comment: “No matter what time she went over, he had no right to assume that […]

When God Wrecks Your Plans

It was May 1996. I was looking forward to what was going to be a great summer. I had a dream job working for the GA-DHR Office of Nutrition. My husband was going with me to Oregon on one of my summer business trips, and I was going to S.H.O.P.! He was training for the […]

Langley Harper is an Atlanta-based, independent boutique public relations agency. We provide our clients with counsel and program development across the spectrum of public relations, digital strategy, and other communications services. Our agency has capabilities in healthcare communications, digital, content marketing, and houses a growing speakers bureau featuring distinguished health care professionals, industry experts and community stakeholders.

Clients come to us needing innovative communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights. Langley Harper knows how to capture strategic ideas and issues for clients to create comprehensive public relations plans that deliver tangible results.

Are you an expert speaker?

Expert speakers are industry insiders who are knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including health care, marketplace and lifestyle trends. Many expert speakers have "day jobs” and work within the industry. They are not always easy to locate and do not make public speaking their ultimate priority.

Keep in mind that expert speakers are not the same as professional speakers. Professional speakers invest a lot of time and money marketing their personal brand and tend to build a career entirely around their public speaking talents. They are easy to locate for any given speaking engagement. It takes research and diligence to uncover expert speakers who can communicate clearly and who can accommodate a specific schedule for meeting planners.

The benefits of using expert speakers in addition to professional speakers, however, are numerous. Expert speakers possess a vast industry knowledge base that can be applied directly to fit a meeting's agenda, they know the industry "language" and can communicate meaningfully to executives, stakeholders and the other audiences.
If you are an expert speaker, Langley Harper may be the place for you.