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Latest Client Insights & Blogs

terry parks

Pre-Owned vs. Certified Pre-Owned

Have you ever been looking for a new vehicle and then found the one you thought was “it” then looked at your bank account and realized it wasn’t? Or the loan officer at the dealership told you, “well we have some pre-owned vehicles that might be in your range.” Well, who wants pre-owned when new […]

School is Almost Out, Summer is Near

It’s almost time for the little dahlings to come home from school for the summer. I can remember what that felt like when my son was growing up. As long as I was working at home, it was not a problem. I could plan late nights, lazy mornings, trips to the library, fun in the kitchen and […]

Hail to the HBCU

I had the privilege of attending two HBCU graduation services over the weekend. One at Alabama A&M University, where my friend received a Ph.D. in physics. The other at my alma mater, Oakwood University, where two nieces and two nephews (one of whom is headed to Harvard School of Dental Medicine) received their bachelor’s degrees. […]

Black Men, Let’s Talk About Rape

This week, my undergraduate alma mater, Morehouse College, made news not for its prestigious history of producing leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., filmmaker Spike Lee or current Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, or for adding to its lead among HBCU’s in producing Rhodes Scholars. No, the news featured yet another allegation of […]

terry parks

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Spring is here and with that you get the beautifulness of what it brings. Flowers in bloom, sunny days, bright colors, no more coats, hats, gloves or scarfs and love is in the air! You also get to wear those open toe shoes, eat ice cream on the boardwalk and daytime is a little longer. […]

Take the Pressure Off

I had the privilege of meeting Elijah Saunders, M.D., when I did some work for the Association of Black Cardiologists. I will never forget that meeting. I learned about him when I was a student and had heard of his work in hypertension. Since May is National Stroke Awareness and High Blood Pressure month, I […]

Donna Green-Goodman, MPH

Sexual Abuse and Trauma: It’s Time to Talk About It

I recently finished reading the autobiography, My Name is Alvonia, written by my college friend Beverly Robinson. David Person and I also had a chance to do an amazing interview with her on our Healthy Alabama Podcast. All of us know an Alvonia She’s our daughter, sister, niece or mother. The little girl at church who […]

Waterology: What’s the Deal With Bottled Water?

Have you ever wondered how or why we have so many water options these days?  I mean, water, like drinking water.  I recently took a glance around my house and found on any given day at least 5 different types of water.  There’s purified drinking water, distilled water, filtered water and tap water.  Oh, and […]

Langley Harper is an Atlanta-based, independent boutique public relations agency. We provide our clients with counsel and program development across the spectrum of public relations, digital strategy, and other communications services. Our agency has capabilities in healthcare communications, digital, content marketing, and houses a growing speakers bureau featuring distinguished health care professionals, industry experts and community stakeholders.

Clients come to us needing innovative communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights. Langley Harper knows how to capture strategic ideas and issues for clients to create comprehensive public relations plans that deliver tangible results.

Are you an expert speaker?

Expert speakers are industry insiders who are knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including health care, marketplace and lifestyle trends. Many expert speakers have "day jobs” and work within the industry. They are not always easy to locate and do not make public speaking their ultimate priority.

Keep in mind that expert speakers are not the same as professional speakers. Professional speakers invest a lot of time and money marketing their personal brand and tend to build a career entirely around their public speaking talents. They are easy to locate for any given speaking engagement. It takes research and diligence to uncover expert speakers who can communicate clearly and who can accommodate a specific schedule for meeting planners.

The benefits of using expert speakers in addition to professional speakers, however, are numerous. Expert speakers possess a vast industry knowledge base that can be applied directly to fit a meeting's agenda, they know the industry "language" and can communicate meaningfully to executives, stakeholders and the other audiences.
If you are an expert speaker, Langley Harper may be the place for you.