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National Minority Health Awareness Month: It’s Time To Be About It

As a young woman navigating my way through college, I hung out with some folks who today are practicing as expert medical and health professionals. As I observed them, it was pretty clear that I too wanted to help people improve their health  and address health disparity, but not as a clinician.   Professors like Ruth […]

Words. What Are They Worth?

Words. What are they worth? Depending on to whom, how, when and why, your words can be priceless – giving life, opening a door and changing destiny. On the other hand, your words can be like an expired coupon. They could have been worth something but, instead, they’re “a day late and a dollar short”. […]

Diabetes Sucks! We’re Gonna Miss You Doug Banks

News of the death of syndicated radio jock and broadcast legend Doug Banks was all over my social media threads today. I didn’t know him, but all I am reading is about how awesome a man he was. He died of complications of diabetes. In one account I read where he’d had a toe amputated, […]

Parenting Vicariously- Are You Guilty?

We live in a fast-paced society.  What happens today will be passé’ tomorrow.  As we get older and look back at our youth, we want the best for our children.  We want the best academically, athletically, financially, and spiritually and all the “allys” that come with life.  But, in doing so, are some parents living […]

2Dads1Mic: The Men Talk- “B-Side”

In their third podcast of the  Mar v. Venus series, the Chip and Bernie host the guys (Mars) live in the studio. They have an open discussion on long term commitment and being accountable to the women in their lives. Listen now to the B-Side of their discussion, or download it for later. (housecall-with-dr-mac): Play in […]

2Dads1Mic: The Men Talk

In their third podcast of the  Mar v. Venus series, the Chip and Bernie host the guys (Mars) live in the studio. They have an open discussion on long term commitment and being accountable to women in their lives. Interestingly, a study in 2013 found that single black men were much more likely to say they were looking for […]

Feel It. Face It. Forgive It. Live Your Truth!

If you listen to everything you hear about Minority Health, you might conclude that the truth about us is that we are destined to a life of poorer health. Thanks to Booker T. Washington, in April 1915, what started out as National Negro Health Week 100 years ago is now National Minority Health Month. He […]

Langley Harper is an Atlanta-based, independent boutique public relations agency. We provide our clients with counsel and program development across the spectrum of public relations, digital strategy, and other communications services. Our agency has capabilities in healthcare communications, digital, content marketing, and houses a growing speakers bureau featuring distinguished health care professionals, industry experts and community stakeholders.

Clients come to us needing innovative communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights. Langley Harper knows how to capture strategic ideas and issues for clients to create comprehensive public relations plans that deliver tangible results.

Are you an expert speaker?

Expert speakers are industry insiders who are knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including health care, marketplace and lifestyle trends. Many expert speakers have "day jobs” and work within the industry. They are not always easy to locate and do not make public speaking their ultimate priority.

Keep in mind that expert speakers are not the same as professional speakers. Professional speakers invest a lot of time and money marketing their personal brand and tend to build a career entirely around their public speaking talents. They are easy to locate for any given speaking engagement. It takes research and diligence to uncover expert speakers who can communicate clearly and who can accommodate a specific schedule for meeting planners.

The benefits of using expert speakers in addition to professional speakers, however, are numerous. Expert speakers possess a vast industry knowledge base that can be applied directly to fit a meeting's agenda, they know the industry "language" and can communicate meaningfully to executives, stakeholders and the other audiences.
If you are an expert speaker, Langley Harper may be the place for you.