Wholes in New School Clothes

It is the first day of school after a long summer. Well, in some cases, not long enough. As a parent and a mentor, I am excited. I watched my own two teenage boys prepare for the first day of school in anticipation. In my house, as well as on campus, I see fresh haircuts… […]

Breastfeeding: Best First Step for Immunity

It seems like yesterday, but 28 years ago I was laying on my sofa as part of my physician-ordered bed rest for a problem pregnancy. Mothers-to-be already have enough questions in their minds about a first pregnancy and birth. So, if you are on bed rest, the mind has even more time to think and […]

The Talk: A Q&A Regarding T&A

June is deemed as Men’s Health Month.  What better way to start summer than to talk to your male child, not about diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lupus or any other looming health issue, but to have the audacious privilege of speaking with him about Erectile Function. Yes, I didn’t miss the ‘dis,’ cause […]

Wrong Question v. Right Comment

Parents of young men, how we discuss current events like Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton can go a long way in preventing rape. For example: Wrong question: “Why did that girl go to his house/apartment that late at night?” Right comment: “No matter what time she went over, he had no right to assume that […]

School is Almost Out, Summer is Near

It’s almost time for the little dahlings to come home from school for the summer. I can remember what that felt like when my son was growing up. As long as I was working at home, it was not a problem. I could plan late nights, lazy mornings, trips to the library, fun in the kitchen and […]

Donna Green-Goodman, MPH

Sexual Abuse and Trauma: It’s Time to Talk About It

I recently finished reading the autobiography, My Name is Alvonia, written by my college friend Beverly Robinson. David Person and I also had a chance to do an amazing interview with her on our Healthy Alabama Podcast. All of us know an Alvonia She’s our daughter, sister, niece or mother. The little girl at church who […]

Parenting Vicariously- Are You Guilty?

We live in a fast-paced society.  What happens today will be passé’ tomorrow.  As we get older and look back at our youth, we want the best for our children.  We want the best academically, athletically, financially, and spiritually and all the “allys” that come with life.  But, in doing so, are some parents living […]