President-Elect Donald Trump May Be the Greatest Pimp Since Goldie

Charles E. “Chuck” Hobbs II, J.D.

I got up early to do some pleasure reading and it occurred to me that since Donald Trump won last month, many of his pundit surrogates have suggested that what Clinton supporters and Trump opponents (not necessarily the same) missed while focusing on Trump’s “deplorable” rhetoric about race, religion and gender, that most who supported him did so because he is a “businessman” who will “Make America Great Again” by “bringing back jobs.”

Some of these same pundits also suggest that Rust Belt and/or white working class resentment of racial minorities and immigrants stems from the fact that since the mid 90s, free trade agreements have increased competition for a limited number of certain jobs, many of which have not increased wages for workers struggling with a general lack of affordability.

Their logic further goes that since Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill remains the face of NAFTA from the 90s, that perhaps she was punished by fed up workers, to which I suggest that such have totally missed the following crucial point:


Political campaigns, ostensibly, rely on the art of chicanery. The best politicians are adroit at persuading the masses that they and they alone are capable of solving their constituents problems. To that end, politicians are much like pimps who convince a would be prostitute that they and they alone are a necessary component for said prostitute’s pecuniary success.

Like the fictional pimp Goldie in the seminal classic “The Mack” was fond of telling his would be employees before they chose him as an employer, “you gotta believe in me, baby,” such was the tenor of campaign promises from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this past season.

But it was Trump who won, not because he has a political track record; he has none. Rather, millions “chose” Trump because in promising to bring the jobs back. Trump was able to appeal to the fears and frustrations of workers who blame demographic minorities and that so-called Marxist Kenyan in the White House (Barack Obama) for their failed economic prospects.

The not so amusing truth is that of all of the campaign promises that Donald Trump will undoubtedly fail to deliver, whether it is the wall between Mexico and the US that will not be built or the swamp of Wall Street special interests in DC that not only is not gonna get drained, but is being replenished at this very moment with precipitation straight from Goldman Sachs.

Trump’s biggest con of all are his promises that manufacturing jobs that formed the bases of middle and upper middle class wealth for non-college graduates of all races across the Midwest and upper South are coming back. Indeed, no matter how much Trump attacks companies and promises to levy Tariffs of 35 percent or more to punish the ones who move jobs offshore, again, those jobs, by and large, are not coming back. What is sad is that too many Trump supporters are too damned dumb to realize that even for those companies who remain in America, automation in the form of robotics renders the sentient worker who needs 60 to 100k per year plus insurance benefits a luxury that drives down the main purpose of any company, which is to make profits for its owners and shareholders.

Anyone who believes that Big Businesses are in business for social engineering and to employ the unemployed is a fool.

Now to be certain, there are some Trump supporters who will say, “come on, give the man a chance.” But these types either do not know—or they know and are too devious to give a damn—that a substantial number of Americans are not prepared to take on the jobs of the present and the future that in some ways, could replace some of the manufacturing gigs that once were so lucrative. In this Brave New World (literature nerds will know what I just did), the ability to make widgets is far less marketable than the ability to code or to program and/or maintain robots. Those who lack the skills to do so have to get the educational training now, but most won’t. Why? Because it is far easier for such folks to sit and pray for President Trump to turn back the hands of time instead of taking the initiative to add marketable skills to one’s resume.

Some Trump supporters will read this and call it sour grapes that Trump won, but like the fictional mobster Tony Soprano once joked, fortunately my day job as a criminal defense lawyer remains as recession/depression proof as the mob and show business because folks are gonna get arrested and need representation. Plus, with Trump promising law and order, business is about to be booming for the next four years. But those smart aleck Trump apologist types need to look no further than the president-elect’s soon to be Secretary of Labor, Andy Puzder, CEO of CFK Restaurants, a man who a few months ago had a rhetorical orgasm at the idea of replacing human workers with robots or other machines. Quipped Puzder about robots, “They’re always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall, or an age, sex or race discrimination case.”

Puzder provides perspective on the Big Pimpin’ that is set to come from Trump and his Billionaire Boys and Girls Club that are ’bout to make loot for themselves and their kind hands over fists—the lords and ladies of the manor.

The question is, how bad will things get when one set of serfs—-the angry, non-college educated “angry” white serfs that voted for Trump in droves because of his promises of jobs while denigrating minorities, recognizes that they have been made complete fools of not by black, Muslim, Mexican or Gay/Lesbian serfs, but by the very “businessman” who they have cast their lots with this past year? Stay tuned….


Charles E. "Chuck" Hobbs II, J.D.

Charles E. “Chuck” Hobbs II, J.D. is a trial lawyer and political columnist based in Tallahassee, Fla. He was nominated by the Tallahassee Democrat for a Pulitzer Prize in Commentary in 2011 and won the Florida Bar Media Award in 2010. He is a regular contributor to The Hill and the Tallahassee Democrat. Hobbs is a graduate of Morehouse College, Florida A&M University and the University of Florida College of Law. Follow him on Twitter @RealChuckHobbs.

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  1. Chuck I enjoy this article! Keep telling the truth about our political system, it is up to us to hold the politicians accountable and call them out on their bullshit!!

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