Doing It All and Failing at Some It

“We are all failing at something.” I happened to drop this in the middle of a conversation with my co-author Markesha and Langley Harper’s owner, Kamela. It was a bright summer day in Atlanta, and we had all converged in a French coffee and bake shop close to Georgia Tech to talk and catch-up. As […]

Black Wealth Does Not Prevent Black People From Experiencing Racism

Dear not so bright people on the extreme right wing of the ideological spectrum: Please take note that black wealth does not and has never prevented black people from experiencing extreme forms of racism. Many of you extreme right wingers are posting articles and blogs seeking to smear Jonathan Butler, the black University of Missouri […]

It’s Our Anniversary

The latest data from the Small Business Administration states that nearly 66 percent of small businesses will survive their first two years. That means about one third of total businesses will fail in these first two crucial years. Count us in the 66 percent, Langley Harper has survived its first two years. I have vacillated […]


How the PR industry is tackling its diversity deficit

Has progress been made? Yes, say experts. But there’s a long way to go. Ask executives around the PR industry about diversity in communications, and they agree on one thing: it’s getting better, but still nowhere near an acceptable level. As for the reasons why the industry has trouble recruiting, retaining, and promoting especially black […]