Why He Can’t Tell You How He Feels

Valentine’s Day is near! In the next few days, women all over the world will be inundated with gifts of love and affirmation. Flowers, cards, poems and songs are sure to melt hearts, bring smiles, and tears of joy. Oh, the emotions! Over the years, men have expressed their feelings/emotions to women through many different […]

Mental Health “This’Orders”

It’s still June. It’s still Men’s Health Month. So, we are going to focus on mental health disorders . Since men are from Mars- and our country has “allegedly” been there- what we will do is take a space-aged tour through our galaxy to deal with the Black Hole. Or why so many men, especially […]

You Need A Time Out

Have you ever been so angry you felt you needed a time out? Or your behavior was so erratic someone told you to take a time out? You just “lose control” or felt you were pushed to the “point of no return?” Well unfortunately, losing control is just an excuse for not taking responsibility for […]

What Makes a Good Partnership?

If you were looking to go into business or form a long lasting relationship with someone, what is the most important criteria? When I ask that question to my male clients, I receive the following answers: loyalty, independence, educated, employed, has her own house, financially stable, able to cook, knows how to clean, love kids, […]

Getting That Mojo Back

It never ceases to amaze me as I teach health education to the masses, women quickly connect to the value of healthy choices and positive outcomes. When speaking to men, however, they generally dismiss it. BUT when the topic of erectile dysfunction comes up, the light goes on in their eyes. They sit on the edge of their […]

terry parks

Pre-Owned vs. Certified Pre-Owned

Have you ever been looking for a new vehicle and then found the one you thought was “it” then looked at your bank account and realized it wasn’t? Or the loan officer at the dealership told you, “well we have some pre-owned vehicles that might be in your range.” Well, who wants pre-owned when new […]

terry parks

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Spring is here and with that you get the beautifulness of what it brings. Flowers in bloom, sunny days, bright colors, no more coats, hats, gloves or scarfs and love is in the air! You also get to wear those open toe shoes, eat ice cream on the boardwalk and daytime is a little longer. […]