Zack Burgess

The excess consumption of alcohol is not fun. It does not make life easier. It actually breeds resentment, contentment and leaves scars that may take years to heal. And the idea of staying sober after bouts with alcoholism is a life-long commitment. It is a matter of desire, diligence and determination.

Zack Burgess understands this all too well. As he struggled with alcohol addiction– it became clear that the judge and jury of life can be overwhelming. From this experience, it became imperative that he faced the version of the life story that he had created. In the face of drinking, he knew that he had to deal with the upheaval of how it had affected his day-to-day life and the emotional lives of his family, friends and colleagues. The impact of being estranged from family, friends, and career – was starting to have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

Zack began his journalism career as a teenager at the Detroit Free Press. From the moment he walked into the building he knew that writing and reporting the news was what he was meant to do. The smell of ink and the adrenaline of deadlines took him from the Kansas City Star to the Washington Times to Slam Magazine, where he was a senior writer.

His work has also appeared in The New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Crain’s Detroit Business, Politics Magazine, Radius Magazine, Campaign & Elections Magazine, USA Today, Newsday, and the Washington Post and on websites ranging from MSNBC to NBC Sports, theGrio, The Root  and Black America Web, where he was a national columnist. Since 2009, he has served as the Assignments Editor for EDGE Magazine.

Today, he is an internationally experienced communications leader within traditional and non-traditional media. He is an effective communicator, who has rebuilt his life, and is presently the Managing Director of Marketing and Communications at HighScope Educational Research Foundation.

A Howard University graduate with a B.A. in Journalism; he has covered politics, culture, current events, and a range of major sporting events.