Why Are You Calling Her the ‘B’ Word?

Eric C. “EB” Butler

The second letter of the alphabet ‘B’ is usually the connotative term that is attached to women all the time. While I know that we might want to insert- bad, brilliant, bodacious and other adjectives that can easily describe a take charge woman, society sometimes invokes its own word.  Bitch.  Yep.  Put soap in my mouth, put me in time out and sit me in the corner for saying it.

Bitch by definition is a female dog, wolf, fox or otter; or, even an unpleasant situation.  However, if a woman  is an aggressive, take charge, go-getter type society doesn’t deem her as as Alpha female, we would rather call her a bitch.

You know, the modern woman, married or single, who  is still responsible for the day to day home operations AND on a career path to excellence.  Or, the industrious entrepreneur that takes no bull and makes it happen.  The minute she expresses herself in a direct manner you all say, “What’s wrong with her? She’s acting like a b*&(h today.”

I have been in the military, worked in the private sector and have been a serial entrepreneur for almost four decades, but  I have yet to hear the phrase, ”What’s wrong with him, he is acting like a b^**h today.”

The comfort level of  the word is mind boggling.

If you want latent degradation of the word, know that it has been simply laced in the music, videos and social media.  See if you can recall this since brain memory is a wonderful thing thanks to Dr. Dre and Snoop.  Ready…”——- ain’t ——but —- and Tricks”.

Now, if you have no idea what the fills in are great for you.  If you said them in a matter of seconds and now can’t seem to get the hook out of your head, you get the point. Use that word early enough in child’s life, and he or she is destined to not know any better.  I have two sons.  I wish they would call their mother or any other woman a bitch.  I would jump off the top step like Dusty Rhodes (may he rest in peace), and then call the authorities on myself.

Here’s my best advice: Men, think twice before using the B word. Don’t be surprise if you are referred to as a “Son of a Bitch.


Eric C. Butler

Eric C. “EB” Butler is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, husband, father and former captain in the U.S. Army.

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  1. The woman who birthed you is proud to read these words. I, of course know how you felt, because you and your brother were brought up by generations of men who deeply respected females. I have often been called the “B word” because my father reared my sister and me to be assertive and independent . When, during the beginning of the feminist movement, the word was used often to describe those women beginning to express their independence, many chose to embrace it and change the meaning. It was meant, by them, to stand for Babe In Total Control
    of Herself. We, who are often called the B word, know who we are, what we stand for, and refuse to allow misogynistic males to label us. It is definitely time for the word to be eliminated when describing females.

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