Wait on the Weight

Dear God: Please let me lose 15 pounds by next week. I have a family reunion, class reunion, homecoming, and the Classic. Oh, in Jesus name. Amen. Does this sound like you? Even though you have gained weight over a period of years, you do not have the convenience of waiting to exhale as far […]

When God Wrecks Your Plans

It was May 1996. I was looking forward to what was going to be a great summer. I had a dream job working for the GA-DHR Office of Nutrition. My husband was going with me to Oregon on one of my summer business trips, and I was going to S.H.O.P.! He was training for the […]

Black Men, Let’s Talk About Rape

This week, my undergraduate alma mater, Morehouse College, made news not for its prestigious history of producing leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., filmmaker Spike Lee or current Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, or for adding to its lead among HBCU’s in producing Rhodes Scholars. No, the news featured yet another allegation of […]

More Time to Eat for Health

Ok, for those of us who say we just don’t have enough time, you had a whole extra day today. Hope you used it well. I decided to use mine looking through some plant-powered recipes to share with a friend from college. I was in HEAVEN! I know for years you were told to eat […]

Dr. Mac

Housecall with Dr. Mac: The Invisible Community

What would you do if you and your children were living out of rented cars? What if you went from motel to motel looking for one that had a free breakfast so the kids could get a meal before they went to school in the mornings? What if a “friend” offered you a place to […]

New Game My Rules

Before writing the book, It Ain’t Over! Three Little Words that Lead to Personal and Professional Fulfillment, I was inspired to write my first book appropriately titled, Self-Inflicted Overload. Becoming an author was not on my to-do list during this phase of my career. I was actually experiencing a very rewarding career in corporate America […]

Dr. Mac

Food Can Heal: Managing Anxiety and Thyroid Health

Fruits and vegetables in your diet are a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your body from damage and they also promote the proper function of your entire body, including your thyroid. We are beginning to understand a great deal more how the food we consume changes our bodies and brains right down to […]